Why G'Day Zinc? 

Our Vision

Ocean Friendly Certification

Reef Safe

All our sunscreens are reef safe and compliant with the latest and upcoming Hawaiian Senate Bill

Organic Certification

Organic & Vegan

100 certified vegan (VegeCert) and 100% audited organic (NSF) for a clean and pure formulation that respects our skin.

Dermatologically Tested

Safe for Kids and Babie

The FDA has only approved 2 sunscreen active ingredients as safe, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. You will never find a chemical UV filter in our products.

Behind the scenes 

G'DAY​ contains none of the Sunscreen Active Ingredients shown to cause coral bleaching or alter development of the brain and liver in some fish.

We grew up swimming in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and want to keep it that way for generations to come.


The limited supply of Zinc to the surface Atlantic Ocean can explain the lack of an Atlantic Zinc remineralization signal and indicates Zinc might play a role in phytoplankton community composition and productivity.

Zinc is a key micronutrient in the ocean, the subsurface water masses that supply nutrients to the surface ocean are depleted in Zinc.


                   No one knows sun like Australians. 

Some brands are torn between moving to Zinc based sunscreen and maintaining their current Chemical sales. G'Day never has and never will sell chemical sunscreens. This means we can call it like it is and focus on providing you with the safest sun protection possible.

Our team spends nearly every weekend on the beach so having a reef safe, SPF50 clean sunscreen that we can use is what shapes our products. 

Have an idea? We want to hear from you. Making a product that works for you is what we're all about.

The G'DAY Team

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